The Journey Begin.

So, here is where the journey begin..

Our love story has been quite a fairytale, and it still is. I’m trying hard not to start with a “once upon a time..” but may I warn you, it’s going to be quite a long post. ;)

We met in the Junior High School, in 1999. I was this clumsy shy preteen and he was this friendly funny classmate who loves to make everyone laugh by his smart jokes. His spotlight soon attracted me and vice versa. Even when I first met him, I feel this yearning for completion as if I’ve known him for my whole life and I enjoy being beside him (that was because I was shy and he talks a lot and I just love to hear him talking, perhaps). In the other side, he once told his teenage little boys’ troop that one day, he’s going to marry me (this is a sweet small fact that I found out from his friend six years after he said so)

Anyway, nothing romantic going on between us back then in the seventh grade. We were so young and we were best friend who share heart-to-heart conversations, laugh, favorite music and movies, and even silly things that you sure won’t share for romantic purpose. Yet, we sure share this chemistry and are comfortable with one another. It’s about time to fall in love. He started making my heart jump and skipped a beat on the eighth grade. He asked me to be his girlfriend, but, for whatever reason I said no. It was quite an odd year and I started to date another boy while he started to make a move for another girl. We were still best friend. 

Even if I was dating another boy, somehow we were still having an unspoken romantic affair~ even too romantic to be considered a best friend. We didn’t want to admit it. He stayed beside me loyally through laugh and tears; every day journey; and late night phone call. Even when we go to different school at the 11th grade, we meet almost every day for lunch or language classes or simply for an afternoon walk. No matter what, there will always be special moments that should only be shared with him.

Most of the times, it hurts so much to see the fact that I was dating another boy and he was making an endless move for one girl to another. But, sometimes I think it was the endless pain that draw us even closer. We were so afraid of losing one another but for a strange unknown reason we didn’t brave enough to be together. I started to cry for that pain, he started to ask an endless “what about us” question, and the romances between us sparkle even brighter. But no, only God knows why we didn’t start to build a relationship just yet. We just started to get very obsessed with one another. 

We admitted our feeling toward each other once again on the last year in high school, more than five years after being best friend. None of us was quite ready for a serious relationship so we decided to get separated for awhile. I started my own life and he had his without me. We went to the same university but we maintained not to see each other. Still, every now and then we had this guilty pleasure of reaching each other by phone late at night and end up with a big smile on my face in the morning or a puffy eyes for crying over the “what about us” question. After a year of unhealthy pain and obsession toward one another, I decided to stop, leaving him, and move on with my life. That was when he started to actually chasing me and stopped this stupid on-off game. 

After years of complicated platonic relationship we had during most of our teenage years, we were finally committed on a serious relationship in 2005. It was an ecstasy and it still is. We couldn’t have enough of one another; we just can’t stand the pain of losing one another anymore. We still share conversations, laugh, love, silly things, movies, music, journeys, hugs and kisses. We are lucky that we had nothing to hide; we already saw each other’s flaw and imperfections during our friendship years. That makes our relationship easier. It was the time spent together that makes our story irreplaceable. 

My friends warned me that I might get bored with him after all these years and how everything might get too sweet as saccharine. Luckily, we can maintain a happy relationship in a healthy dose. I have my own world, he has his, and we have ours. That’s why we don’t get bored and our love grows even stronger every day. 

He likes to cook main course, I prefer cooking dessert and appetizer; that’s the idiom I usually use to describe how we complete each other. We share different interest and end up supporting each other. Soon, our life has been built upon our dream. For example, as soon as our favorite coffee shop collapsed, I build my own coffee shop based on our favorite; and as my interest in fashion grows stronger, he supports me by providing beautiful images for my fashion blog. We do things together and separately at the same time. 

We love to take an impulsive road-trip, going out for a picnic somewhere with a view, spend the glorious afternoon for a walk on the garden, or simply sharing a slice of cake and a heartwarming conversation in a coffee shop. We are a travel mate who tirelessly walking hand-in-hand exchanging stories along the way. 

Or may I say; a couple of snails that share a single house, slowly walk together, enjoying every moment and believe that love is a journey. In every step we take, a same prayer will always be whispered: may it last forever.


And so let me start this story all over again,

Once upon a time, there was once a single soul floating happily in the universe. One day, that soul explodes and two tiny fractions fell onto the earth and grow up as a boy and a girl, separately. Those tiny fractions were incomplete until they were drawn to one another. They met and had a complicated silly drama for years. It was both delighting and heartbreaking, so one day, they decided not to be apart ever again and that’s when they start to live happily ever after. Together and complete once again.